27 November 2019

co+labo radović     co+labo research projects accelerate towards Masters+UG completion  
As work on various co+labo research projects accelerates towards final presentations at the end of the school year, Keio captures the moment by taking official photos of all research laboratories. Above is co+labo, as of 26.11.2019. Top row: Jumpei Kawamoto, Sanja Žonja, Ivan Filipović, Xuan Yang; Mid row: Yuki Mori, Yumi Ishii, Muxi Yang, Nikolaj Salaj, Paolo Turčić, Amami Iwata; First row: Shinichi Nishibori, Koki Suzuki, Masahito Motoyama, Darko Radović, Norimi Kinoshita, Shun Kato. Absent (in action elsewhere) were: Satoshi Sano, Mei Morimoto, Shohey Yamashita and Hiroki Shigemura.
Besides projects at PhD level (Sanja Ronja, Satoshi Sano and Ivan Filipović), current individual projects at co+labo are:
      Masters Theses 2019
Yumi Ishii, The quality of pedestrian spaces along urban waterways - A Case Study of Meguro River   
Shun Kato, The role of tourism in sustainable urban development of urban coastal areas - A Case Study of Fujisawa
Norimi Kinoshita, The impact of urban morphology and intensity of use on the quality of urban life - A Case Study of railway station hiroba spaces of Tokyo
Mei Morimoto, The relationship between shop facades and affordances in Tokyo - A Case Study of Jiyugaoka, with partial comparisons with Stockholm
Masahito Motoyama, The POPS in high-density urban areas, and their capacity to contribute to public interest - A Case Study of Daimaruyu
Shohei Yamashita, Adaptive reuse of World Cup Legacy and its potential environmental improvement in the megacity - A Case Study of a football stadium project in New York
Xuan Yang, Spatial quality and place attachment - A Case Study of izakaya culture in central Jiyugaoka
      Undergraduate Theses 2019
Koki Suzuki, The Creation of Marine Atmosphere in the Waterfront - A Case Study in Minato Mirai
Yuki Mori, The Morphology of Houses on Saka-michi in Central Tokyo
Muxi Yang, Impacts of Chinese elements on spatial experience of Yokohama Chinatown
      Masters 1 Theses - due 2020
Jumpei Kawamoto, Vacant Land in Minato-ku and its Spatial Composition
Shinichi Nishibori, The social potential of urban canals - typological analysis of canals in Kanda area
      Masters Exchange 
Matej Kranjc, Tokyo and its Preparedness for Disasters: The places to escape to
Nikolaj Salaj, Urban Voids and Public Realm in Tokyo
Paolo Turčić, Mediterranean Piazza and (Non)Equivalent Social Places in Japan