03 October 2014

co+laboradović  on 28 November, Jan Gehl will talk at the Placemaking Symposium in Tokyo
co+labo strategic partner Gehl Architects, Copenhagen announces an upcoming talk in Tokyo by their founder, Jan Gehl. On 28 November, Jan will address the Placemaking Symposium, which is organised and hosted by the Japan’s Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transportation. The Symposium focuses at improving the quality of urban life and ways to make cities for people.  
In the meantime, only days after joining co+labo team at Island of Vis, David Sim, a Creative Director of Gehl Architects,  will be again with us, at Keio Yagami Campus.

co+laboradović  co+labo at the 3rd Anatomy of the Islands Symposium and Workshop - part 2
And ... on 27 September, the Anatomy of the Islands Workshop at the Island of Vis was concluded with public presentation. The presentation was introduced by a spiritus movens of the Anatomy Mr Boško Budisavljević, and attended by a number of the residents of local villages and towns of Vis and Komiža, including the Major of Vis, Mr Ivo Radica. A variety of interesting ideas across scales, ranging from strategic territorialist gestures to the smallest of elements which could make a big difference, for both those who lived and visit the spaces of inner island has been presented - including  a quirky and provocative Vine Pipeline (see that, and more, below). co+labo plans to participate in the forth Symposium and Workshop  which are scheduled for the same time, starting mid september 2015. 
Our sincere congratulations for an excellent organisation go to Boško, Eta, Manuela and many others whose efforts provided an infrastructure for success.

(more information and some really good images from Vis you can find at the Vis-à-vis blog.)