20 July 2019

co+labo radović     Day 2 updates on Keio Architecture CDW Events @ Keio Hiyoshi Campus   
Day 2, brief summary:
-  Keio Architecture Symposium Sports, Bodies and Spaces: everyday life and major events part 1 organised in collaboration with Keio Institute for Physical Education
Chair Professor Toshiaki Sasaki
Sports and Bodies presentations, by students of Institute for Physical Education
Bodies and Space presentations, co+labo+Politecnico di Milano Double Degree students Kohei Yamashita, Olena Kopytina and Renan Prandini. Yamashita-san's scheme for Mamushi Dani has received 1st Prize in Keio Architecture CDW Masters Competition.
Their presentations were followed by discussion which touched upon some concrete ideas about the future of sport and recreation facilities at Keio Hiyoshi Campus
-  Kengo Kuma, Architecture and City After Olympics; second Keio Architecture in the Science and Technology Distinguished Series.The lecture was introduced by Professor Darko Radović and Dean Eiji Okada, and followed by discussion of Professor Estanislau Roca (UPC Barcelona) and question time.
-    Keio Architecture Symposium Sports, Bodies and Spaces: everyday life and major events part 2,
Introduced by Darko Radović, Professors Neno Kezić, Gabriele Masera, Tadej Glažar and Estanislau Roca delivered a series of short, inspiring lectures, which where followed by discussion and regret that there was not much more time. But, our collaboration with our partners Politecnico di Milano, University of Ljubljana, University of Split and Universidad Politecnica de Cataluña continues.

18 July 2019

co+labo radović     Day 1 updates on Keio Architecture CDW Events @ Keio Hiyoshi Campus   
Day 1, brief summary:
Opening of Keio Architecture CDW Exhibition 2019

Masters, Undergraduate and System Design Competition Jury
Masters, Undergraduate and System Design Competition Awards Ceremony
Masters Award 1 - Yamashita, co+labo Radović
Masters Award 2 - Kinoshita, co+labo Radović
Undergraduate and SD Award 1 - Shimizu, Almazán Lab
Undergraduate and SD Award 2 - Ibaraki, Almazán Lab
Distinguished Lecture Series - Lecture 1: Fumihiko Maki+Yoshio Taniguchi, which was followed by a cocktail party and speeches by Professors Akira Haseyama, President of Keio University, Eiji Okada, Dean of the Faculty Science and Technology, which celebrates its 80th anniversary, Hiroto Kobayashi, Darko Radović and Akira Mita (all Keio Architecture).

co+labo radović     Day 0  co+labo&Keio Architecture CDW Exhibition, Lectures+Symposium   
Unquestionably the biggest of co+labo effort since foundation of our laboratory in 2009 was to help Keio University establish a discrete, international architecture and urban design programme. With second Keio Architecture Comprehensive Design Workshop (CDW) Exhibition, Guest Lectures and Symposium, which are all part of broader celebrations of the 80th anniversary of the Faculty of Science and Technology, that dream is getting closer to reality than ever. All that was possible to do bottom-up has been accomplished, and these events will show that that is not little. The visitors will see the latest efforts of Keio Architecture students and the Awards Ceremony, attend two events in Science and Technology Distinguished Lecture Series and attend the Sports Bodies Spaces Symposium, which we co-host with Keio Institute for Sport and Education. Besides Keio Architecture students and professors Darko Radović, Hiroto Kobayashi, Jorge Almazán, Tatsuya Kishimoto and Akira Mita, the list of participants includes Fumihiko Maki, Yoshio Taniguchi, Kazuyo Sejima, Kengo Kuma, Estanislau Roca, Neno Kezić, Gabriele Masera, Tadej Glažar, Takashi Suo, Takuomi Saikawa, Satoshi Sano, Motoo Chiba, Katsuhito Komatsu and more. Join this Keio architectural and urban feast!

16 July 2019

co+labo radović     co+labo teams earn Honorary Mentions at an international competition     
Two discrete co+labo teams took part in an interesting international design competition for requalification of a traditional market in Bologna. Two separate efforts, and deserved recognition go to co+labo Team - Shinichi Nishibori, Manca Košir, Amami Iwata, Muxi Yang, Norimi Kinoshita, Shun Kato on the image below), and co+labo Team a - Jumpei Kawamoto, Shohei Yamashita, Koki Suzuki, Yuki Mori, Can Krivec. Warm co+labo congratulations for these two efforts.
We do competitors to advance design-research culture, to stimulate creative and critical thinking in our laboratory and in Keio Architecture. The process of thinking and making competition entries itself is always rewarding, but - a nod from the Jury adds a nice nuance to that pleasure. (an update on this success of co+labo students will follow)

14 July 2019

co+labo radović     special seminar on research methods in architecture and urban design     
Second special guest lecture dedicated to supporting current co+labo research will be delivered by Vuk Radović, a co+labo co-founder (2008) and followed by small, thematic group discussions. Vuk will share with us his recent work on urban morphology. As he explains, the development of the concept went through many iterations. After the initial emphasis on form, modernist architects concentrated their efforts on function. Later still, in the mid-twentieth century, a group of Italian architects introduced the notion of process into the field, and additional schools of morphological thinking were developed by their French and English counterparts. The lecture will focus at practical application of the Italian school, the Muratori approach and Gataldi's General Theory of Urban Morphology.