17 March 2018

co+labo radović   co+labo busy break continues with ... a season of graduate competitions  
Regular Japanese graduate design competitions season  is in progress. co+labo's Takuomi Samejima and Norimi Kinoshita have completed their participation, with success in Sendai, Fukuoka and Japanese Institute of Architecture Kanazawa contests.
Takuomi Samejima (prestigious Sendai Competition: top 11), finalist (top 8) in Fukuoka)
Norimi Kinoshita (Konno Chie Award ai JIA Kanazawa Competition)
Congratulations to all co+labo members who took part in these competitions, the experience from which is considered to be among the key "secrets" of an undeniable success of Japanese architecture.
co+labo radović           co+labo busy break continues with ... a Conference at TU Munich      
At Smart Sustainable Sensuous Settlements Transformation Conference, which was held at TU Munich 7-8 March 2018, Darko presented parts of the latest work on quality of urban life in the paper Towards Redefinition of Urban Quality - the subversive pleasures of encounters with water (co-authored with Professor Davisi Boontharm, Meiji University, and Hisamu Yamamori, co+labo). In response to the flow of the Conference, Darko's talk itself consisted of seven digressions to the paper, which were aimed at focusing discussion at the need for true interdisciplinarity in urbanism. Several excerpts from those polemological interventions are presented in the selection of slides, below.

co+labo radović    co+labo busy break continues with ... Darko meets co+labo OB in Milano 
10 March 2018: Yamashita Shohei, Professor Gabriele Masera, Salvatore Nastasi, Luca Sironi, DR, Andrea Bonaiti and Enrico Sterle 
(photo: Professor Akira Mita)