22 December 2017

co+labo radović         with bōnenkai 忘年会...  co+labo heads towards an exciting 2O18         
With traditiona忘年会, the end of the year party, co+labo has completed all activities that were scheduled for 2017. As in the previous years, the food was prepared by new laboratory members. Iwata, Kawamoto, Matsubara, Nishibori and Shigemura-san have cooked a very tasty pot of nabe. They are now facing a very difficult task, as the rest of their work in co+labo has to match the high quality of this, initial step.
Although, literally translated, 忘年会 means "forget the year party, for us 2017 was definitely not a year to forget. co+labo members need to be congratulated for their efforts and success in the past year. We also thank our friends and colleagues who made all that possible. Last evening, some of those regular contributors to what we do, along with co+labo old boys were with us ... as they also are co+labo, too. ありがとうございます