11 November 2015

co+labo radović intense November: Gehl's+Bologna+Beirut@Keio+all@izakaya: snaps 1,2,3       Traditionally, November and December at co+labo are the months of intensive research. Over those two months, various co+labo activities conducted over the calendar and academic year need to be wrapped up and presented, and new reserach and design-reserach projects conceptualised and initiated. These days, co+laboradović hosts simultanrously a number of regular co+labo accomplices, friends and associates from Tokyo and distinguished international visitors, who are helping us think and act better. Separate blog entries present some of those efforts, such as lectures by our Top Global University visiting academic Simone Garagnani (University of Bologna), Luisa Bravo (Lebanese American University), David Sim (Gehl Architects, Copenhagen) and his team. Their combined presence and contributions prove that we are trying to live what we preach and explore - intensity; urban, architectural, intellectual.
co+labo students with David Sim, Scott Przibella and Malin Nilsson (Gehl Architects, Copenhagen) during the fieldwork at several central locations in Tokyo, trying to feel the pulse of the city and to identify where our combined knowledges and experiences could make difference (with Roxane exploring the alternative ways to use public space)

Simone Garagnani's first lecture at Keio University's ... and the follow-up co+labo  izakaya discussion

guided visits to some of the sites in Tokyo at which co+labo students are doing their research and design-reserach investigations  
co+labo radović       co+labo intense November continues with a research seminar                   
On 12 November, co+labo activities continue with a research seminar, which focuses at our current PhD projects and Masters Theses which are due 2016, but which are pushing forward some of our key research challenges, such as dealing with coordination of measurable and non-measurable, numerical and textual expressions of spatial quality, and our underlining ethos of combined environmental and cultural sustainability.
As always, if you are close to Yagami Campus on Thursday, 13.11 at 14.00, feel free to join co+labo discussions. One of co+labo educational agendas is to advance critical thinking and polemological atmosphere.