14 July 2018

co+labo radović       co+labo teams success at Q-City International Student Competition      
Among more than 700 submissions, design proposals by two co+labo teams were recognised by the Jury of the "Planning Beautiful Hebei - Q-City Plan - Qinhuangdao International Student Competition". An International Jury, chaired by Francisco Sanin, Professor at  Syracuse University, has shortlisted 34 entries, among which one co+labo team (which included Yang Xuang, Ayumu Magome, Daisuke Kobayashi, Shinichi Nishibori and Hiroki Shigemura (left column image, below)  has received the third prize, and the other (with Shun Kato, Keitaro Onishi, Yukie Takasu, Sanja Zonja and Jumpei Kawamoto, below, right) has received a Honourable Mention. 
co+labo congratulations to them all!           Detailed information about the competition and final results are posted - HERE.
Yang Xuang, co+labo Masters student who initiated our participation in the "Q-City Plan Competition” summarises that that was an effort to enhance the quality and diversity of micro public spaces in the city of Qinhuangdao (China) which is, among other reasons, famous as the place where the Great Wall of China begins. The aim of the “Q-City Plan” is to achieve effective urban regeneration in its redevelopment process alter the traditional way of urban planning that follows the top- bottom logic and help provide the residents a better quality of life. That perfectly resonated with co+labo values.