25 October 2017

co+labo radović   success of co+labo members at an international architectural competition 
In 2017, Japan and Danmark celebrate 150th anniversary  of diplomatic relations. Various events organised to mark that anniversary include an International Architectural Competition Communication Beyond Words, the principal aims of which were to celebrate the work of young architects in the counties famous for excellence of design, and to help discover the latest ideas and the new, emerging generation. Two co+labo members took part in this competition and - they won! 
The Jury composed of young and already established designers Martin Lysholm Hjerl+Rosa Siri Lund (STED) and Miho Tominaga+Ito Takahito+Noritala Ishikawa (tomito architecture), have awarded 1st Prize to Sotaro Miyatake (who graduated from co+labo earlier this year; image below, left), and 2nd Prize to Daisuke Kobayashi (co+labo Masters student, in the team with Miyatake and Inoue-san; image below, right).
The competition works will be exhibited in Copenhagen, in the period 15-22.11.2017 at the Danish Association of Architects in Copenhagen (reception party 15.11), and   in Tokyo, 30.11-15.12.2017 at the Living Design Centre OZONE (reception party 30.11). 
Please join the party to see the works and congratulate the co+labo winners and other participants in this interesting competition.) 
co+labo radović    on co+labo double degree students in Barcelona, Milano and Stockholm    
Four co+labo Masters students are currently doing their double degree studies. After completing the course at Politecnico di Milano, Akitaka Suzuki is working as an intern at the Miralles-Tagliabue EMBT office in Barcelona, as a member of design development team for the Centre for Biodiversity in Reshau, Germany, in particular modifications of the competition-winning proposal (below), morphological studies, materialisation and definition of the strategic view-lines. 
Ayumu Magome has finished his first semester at Politecnico - with a winning scheme at the ABC's Sustainable Multidisciplinary Design Process Studio (below).
Shohei Yamashita, followed the steps of Aki-san and Ayumu-san. He is starting research into the relationship between morphology, typology and technology and trying to combine the demanding studies at Lecco with pleasures of life - by bringing in the co+labo's dérive technique and his own sensibility for investigation of urban secrets (below).
Mei Morimoto, also started her Double Degree in autumn semester - at KTH School of Architecture in Stockholm. Within the Sustainable Urban Planning and Design project she was a member of the team working on a strategy for development of Huddinge (south Stockholm; see below).
Besides that, Mei-san recently visited Copenhagen, to attend a very special lecture by Jan Gehl, with which the old co+labo friend celebrated his selection among the top ten most influential citizens of Copenhagen - ever
This blog will be bringing news about co+labo members abroad, as we receive them.