18 February 2015

co+labo radović    Gehl+co+labo+... a workshop in Tokyo  
In the second part of February, co+labo radović joined an urban quality workshop, which was initiated and conducted by David Sim, a Partner and Creative Director in Gehl Architects, Copenhagen and co-organised with Taisei Corporation, Kogakuin University and other local stakeholders. At the focus of the workshop were basic investigations of places and practices of urban life in West Shinjuku, and possibilities to help advance the quality of life between buildings in some of the least active spaces of central Tokyo.   
co+labo and Kogakuin University students joined forces to make a snapshot of pedestrian activities in less than favourable conditions, and provided the material for rich discussions about the present and alternative futures of the largely mono functional main CBD of Tokyo.

co+laboradović    Darko Radović receives the title of Honorary Alumnus of Keio University  
On 30 January 2015, the President of Keio University, Professor Seike Atsushi, acting on the recommendation of the Board of Councillors, conferred upon Darko Radović, the head of co+labo radović, the title of Honorary Alumnus of Keio University. That is a great honour for Darko and recognition of hard and excellent work of all laboratory members and associates, on a number of co+labo research and design-research projects conducted since the laboratory was established in 2009. 

co+laboradović    co+labo obikai party 2O15 
On 14 February, co+labo held its obikai party, with a number of current, former students, associates and friends present.