23 May 2020

co+labo radović   Sano Satoshi joins Rafa Balboa in co+labo 2O2O guest lecture series     
In the spirit of the co+labo's Lefebvrian, generous + +++ +  ++++ sign, on Tuesday 26 May 2O2O the laboratory members was exposed to a "surplus" of ideas. The second instalment of Rafael Balboa's lecture (below) was followed by Sano Satoshi's talk, which brings together his rich professional portfolio and the extracts from his just completed doctoral research. The aim is, as always, to help corrupt the minds of co+labo youth, precisely in the way in which Socrates did and which Yukichi Fukuzawa proudly followed - as outlined in Darko's SD Graduation Speech delivered 25.3.2019
    - do not follow the paths which are already mapped out for you, do not blindly obey social customs
    - seek, propose and create new, different directions which lead to a true life. 
    - seek how to be good and how to do good; how to be happy.

(flyer design Oguri Yurino and Reiya Sasaki)