02 November 2018

co+labo radović  sustainable architecture series continues with Vuk Radović+Sano Satoshi  
Every year our Advanced Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design (aSAUD) Masters course focuses at some of the key issues investigated in and around co+labo radović. This year, the emphasis is on current trends which define residential Tokyo. The expert segment of aSAUD 2018 is delivered in two units: Vuk Radović, the co-founder of co+labo presented his research on the emergence of extra High-Residential High-Rise (xHRHR) buildings, while Sano Satoshi, co+labo technical secretary and research assistant, focused on Low-Rise High-Density developments in Tokyo.
That provides basis for students enrolled in aSAUD to develop and test their critical positions, based on environmental ethics and principles of environmentally and culturally responsible action - which is at the core of co+labo ethos.