14 August 2018

co+labo radović       a competition award to co+labo's Aki Suzuki and Daisuke Kobayashi    
co+labo's team composed of our Double Degree Graduate Akitaka Suzuki and final year Masters student Daisuke Kobayashi have won the award at the 3rd Yokohama Street Furniture Competition “3 街を楽しくするストリートファニチャーデザインコンペティション”. An important feature of this competition series which focuses on making open spaces of the city of Yokohama more enjoyable is that the winning schemes get built. Aki-san's and Daisuke-san's project will be realised mid-November, at the prestigious location in front of Kenzo Tange's Yokohama Museum.
They summarise their aim as creating an unique experience, a mini-environment which would enable the residents and visitors to feel the dynamic mix which makes the existing urban fabric of Yokohama and enhance an awareness of immersion and interaction with the city, its spaces, amenities and fellow citizens around them. 
Suzuki-san explains how, inspired by impressive reflections of Yokohama on the surface of the sea, they proposed a table with reflective top and, through careful modifications of its height and the layout of holes (below), replaced the view of the ground with a dynamic, ever-changing spectacle of movement of the clouds, people and simple objects placed on the table. The project beautifully encapsulates a number of key co+labo principles.
The proposal passed the first screening in June, and on 28 July, was qualified as one of the winners after the public presentation in Yokohama Creative-city Centre in Minatomirai.