26 September 2014

co+laboradović  co+labo at the 3rd Anatomy of the Islands Symposium and Workshop@Vis
Almost all co+labo students and several associates are taking part in the Symposium and design-reserach Workshop Anatomy of Islands which are, for the third time being held at the Croatian island of Vis (17-27.9.2014). This year, the focus is on sustainable development and the issues related to possible self-sufficiency of the villages which are facing the threats generated by banality of rapid globalisation and overdevelopment, which parallel seemingly unstoppable processes of ageing and depopulation. This year, the team of Keio academics (Darko Radović, Davisi Boontharm) was strengthened by an active participation of David Sim (Creative Director in our strategic partner, Gehl Architects, Copenhagen). Structured as a follow-up of the research Symposium, the workshop includes a number of formal and informal lectures, interaction with public and various stakeholders and addresses the multiplicity of scales, ranging from draft development strategies of the island, design of villages and architectural (re)design of selected buildings, to hands-on building - through active involvement in a stone dry-wall reconstruction workshop. Besides Keio, the team of mentors include professors Laurence Feveile (ENSA Paris-Val de Seine), Tadej Glažar (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), Ana Jeinić and Anne Oberreitter (TU Graz), Neno Kezić (University of Split, Croatia) and generous support from Boško Budisavljević and Eta Martinis (Anatomija otoka) and LAG Škoji (Manuela Antičević).