21 April 2018

co+labo radović   ... Akitaka Suzuki has received a Double Degree@Politecnico di Milano  
co+labo congratulates our Akitaka Suzuki on successful completion of his Double Degree at Politecnico di Milano. Aki-san has, thus, become the first ever Keio University student of architecture and urban design to receive an international Double DegreeHis success confirms the potential of rich collaborative links between the two universities, strategic partners in the fields of production of space.  
(below: Aki-san, second from the left, with Professor Gabriele Masera+Keio's/Politecnico's Yamashita Shohei, Luca Sironi, Andrea Bonaiti and ... a bottle of champagne)
Another two co+labo students, Magome and Yamashita, are currently doing their Double Degree with Politecnico, and short-term exchange of both staff and students is under way. Suzuki-san gave a great contribution to our efforts to advance those valuable links. 

15 April 2018

co+labo radović    Leonardo Chiesi - on Public Space from People's Perspective@co+labo  

Exactly one year after his previous visit to co+labo Leonardo Chiesi is again with us - in what became regular and rich collaboration. This time, his lecture and seminar will be part of Comprehensive Design Workshop, which was announced on 11 April Kengo Kuma's guest lecture.
In his first lecture, Leonardo focused at Design and Health, a topic related to the quality of space in general. His second lecture and seminar, entitled Investigating Public Space from People's Perspective: ideas and methods, connected social theory with practical tasks facing the Workshop. The lecture was followed by a visit to Keio Hiyoshi and Yagami Campuses, with our Seizu III and Studio B students and professors Darko Radović and Davisi Boontharm.
Leonardo Chiesi is an Associate Professor at University of Florence and a Visiting Professor at UC Berkeley. He specializes in ambiental and territorial sociology, which he teaches at the School of Architecture, University of Florence. His research introduces social methods into investigations of quality of architecture and planning, and has been involved in a number of architectural design and city planning projects, expanding an interest in the subjects of local identity, community processes and participation methods. Chiesi wrote books on the construction of scientific discourse (Retorica nella scienza, 2009) and on the relationship between social sciences, architecture and planning (Il doppio spazio dell’architettura. Ricerca sociologica e progettazione, 2010).