29 October 2020

   co+labo radović   aSAUD 2O2O special lecture 1: Matyas Gutai, Loughborough University 

Matyas Gutai, a lecturer at the the University of Loughborough, School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering, who hold PhD from University of Tokyo will deliver a short lecture series, Masterclass within
aSAUD 2O2O, which focuses at three of his favourite themes in his own research and practice. He explains how "the lectures take a journey starting from the idea of Trans-structures, an emerging new concept of adaptive buildings that achieve permanence and stability through structural responses. The name Trans-structures come from the fact that such structures are always in transition instead of definitive stable states. We explore two types of Trans-structures: buildings with embedded material responses (change of environment triggers a change in material) and hybrid structures such as Water Houses. In our last part of our series we will take a visionary perspective and explore how such structures can change the course of architecture and urbanism in the future." Matyas will deliver his lectures on Fridays 30 October, 6 and 13 November 2020, and take part in discussions with students.

26 October 2020

  co+labo radović   TAUD 2O2O special lecture 1: Sano Satoshi, Eureka エウレカ + co+labo 

Satoshi Sano, who is with co+labo since its inauguration in 2009, opens TAUD 2O2O Special lecture Series on Tuesday, 26 October with his discussion of his design and design-research within Eureka, an award-winning practice which its members describe as "collaborative team of architectural planners and designers, structural and environmental designers". 

For TAUD 2O2O, Sano-san explains spatial compositions  of his architecture  by referring to influences of Hans Sharoun and Carlo Scarpa. 
He says how, "based on the hypothesis that the spatial residue (poche) in Hans Sharoun's organic space is an element that creates an organic spatial composition, we find how to create and design the residue. In Carlo Scarpa's space we focus on multiple, diverse floor levels, and find how to design floor levels as a starting point for people's actions. Herman Hertzberger's ideas about architectural space also features in projects of Eureka, especially when it comes to the relationship between spatial elements and composition and people's actions.

 co+labo radović  series of special guest lectures to mark the final edition of co+labo@Keio

2020 is the twelfth and final  year of the  co+labo radović@Keio experiment. The Autumn semester is marked by a number of events, including the series of guest lectures. In addition to those delivered within co+labo itself, two discrete series will provide special nuances to the concluding editions of Darko's regular courses at Keio University - Theories of Architecture and Urban Design (TAUD 2O2O) and Advanced Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design (aSAUD 2O2O). 
These lectures will be delivered by some of the outstanding practising architects and academics who have, over the years, left significant mark of quality on our work - to whom we thank and for whom there will be space in new incarnations of co+labo. TAUD 2O2O lecture series includes, in alphabetic order Rafael Balboa, Tamao Hashimoto, Ryoko Iwase, Katsuhito Komatsu+Midori Oshima, Tetsuo Kondo, Toshiki Meijo, Satoshi Sano, Takumi Saikawa, Takashi Takei.
These young, up and coming architects were invited to introduce their own work, influences and inspirations, and thus unveil the links to practices, literature and other sources. The exploration of those links will help TAUD students further explore and discuss the degree to which design does (not) operate in the vacuum, but within specific environmental and societal conditions, the larger cultural and intellectual scene. The ultimate agenda behind this lecture series is to advance an inquiry into the ways in which architecture and urban design (can) contribute to creating a better world, the quality of life beyond the bounds of consumption, and the right to the city (Lefebvre).

This stellar series will be introduced by Sanja Žonja discussion of the themes of Place Theory, and it will end with Davisi Boontharm's take "On theories of architecture and urban design".

co+labo radović Sanja Žonja's talk on Place Theory opens TAUD 2O2O guest lecture series   

An introduction to 
Theories of Architecture and Urban Design
  (TAUD 2O2O) guest lecture series will be delivered by Sanja Žonja, co+labo's PhD candidate and her lecture entitled This must be the place: on Place Theory and Architecture. Sanja argues how the consensus what do we consider to be place tends to be taken for granted - while the term has the capacity for broad interpretations and applications, across many disciplines. Her talks focuses at relevant ideas which are well established in geography, philosophy and social studies, and their relevance in the fields of architecture and urbanism. 
Michael Nash's photo "A Beautiful Place" (Warsaw, 1946) with which Sanja illustrates this post promises even more.