23 July 2013

co+labo+Jiyugaoka urban research pavilion final DAY 4 - 23 July 2013  

co+labo data collection, conducted in our +urban research pavilion in Kuhonbutsugawa Street, Jiyugaoka was completed on Tuesday afternoon. The pavilion was dismantled just before a downpour. A very loud thunder was a proper background for the finale of a very successful exercise. 
Over the four days, co+labo team of research assistants and students have greeted a huge number of visitors and assisted them in providing the Mn'M project with invaluable data for further investigations.The project was successful due to a truly tremendous response by a number of to us known and unknown individuals and organisations, some of which appear at the snapshots +J pavilion on this blog. We were proud to see how our modest tent became a meeting hub, accepted as an organic part of an already mature urban culture of Kuhonbutsugawa promenade. 
Very soon, co+labo will start preparing the autumn data collection session.  We will use the experiences from the last four days to set up an even better +J pavilion in October
co+labo wholeheartedly thanks the residents and institutions of Jiyugaoka and all visitors of the +J pavilion who helped this research exercise become an urban event - and succeed.

22 July 2013

co+labo+Jiyugaoka urban research pavilion DAY 3 22 July 2013 

21 July 2013

co+labo+Jiyugaoka urban research pavilion DAY 2 21 July 2013