01 May 2020

co+labo radović     international round table Urban Questions in the Times of Coronavirus    
As reported in one of previous post of 19 April (below), as a co-Chair of the Advisory Board of Public Space Experts,  City Space Architecture (CSA) Darko will coordinate co+labo radović  efforts within the "2020: A Year without Public Space under the COVID-19 Pandemic initiative. In preparations for an emergency issue of the Journal of Public Space that will address challenges which the pandemic poses to urban life, Darko invited a group of colleagues, experts on public space whose work and ideas he respects to an online discussion "Urban Questions in the Times of Coronavirus". The tasks were to reflect upon and present their key observations, to formate positions related to the crisis and thoughts about future, and to suggest questions which need to be taken on board and addressed over the weeks, months, and years to come. 
On 1 May 2020 co+re partners Darko Radović (Keio University, co+re) and Davisi Boontharm (Meiji University, co+re) chaired two round tables, with rich exchanges of ideas between urban experts from four continents and across seven time zones - Antonella Bruzesse (Politecnico di Milano), Stephen Cairns, (ETH Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore) Alenka Fikfak, (University of Ljubljana), Pieter Klomp (City of Amsterdam), Beatriz Maturana Cossio (Universidad de Chile), Ana Medina (Universidad des las Américas), Eiji Oguma (Keio University, Tokyo) David Sim (Gehl, Copenhagen), Sidh Sintusingha (University of Melbourne) and Saline Verhoeven, s-coop, Amsterdam, to which Kengo Kuma (KKAA, University of Tokyo) has also provided his thought provoking written contribution. 
That was a very promising launch of the project which will occupy much of the attention in co+labo, co+re and projects conducted by associated individuals and institutions. We will keep you posted ...