23 August 2012

***an update***

23 August 2012
the co+laboradović Sustainable House is under construction

As you have read in our earlier blogposts, a co+labo team has won the first prize on an international design competition 
for THE NEXT GENERATION SUSTAINABLE HOUSE in Taiki-cho, Hokkaido. The prize awarded by LIXIL included 
construction of the winning scheme. 
The works have started on 13 July and are already well-advanced, as the cold Hokkaido winter is not far.

Here are some recent photos. You can find much more about the competition, the three short-listed schemes 
co+labo team members (Komatsu and Shinohara, soon to be joined by Kobayashi and Sasamura)
are involved in construction works, learning how to truly make architecture - 1:1 scale!