02 October 2017

co+labo radović   co+labo summer-autumn workshops+symposia programme completed 

With the "Anatomy of Islands" Symposium and Workshop, co+labo has completed an exceptionally rich and intense summer-autumn 2017 programme. At the glamorous Lastovo (see the photo of the workshop site below), our team was joined by Professor Mita Akira (Keio Architecture), Mirjana Milanovic (Chief Urban Designer at the City of Amsterdam), Tetsuo Kondo (Kondo Architects, Tokyo) and David Sim (Creative Director at Gehl, Copenhagen) thus making co+labo contribution to the workshop even stronger. Professor Masami Kobayashi (Head of I-AUD) joined Davisi Boontharm and their Meiji University students - and there was also Mikako Koike (University of Tokyo, Kuma Lab). 
A special nuance to the complex and enjoyable workshop come from the true bottom-up organisation of the event. co+labo participants of the Belgrade and Lastovo workshops are bringing back to Tokyo an extraordinary learning experience to discuss and share with others.
(more material follows)