25 September 2015

co+labo radović                    co+labo @ Anatomy of the Islands ... 4th time  ... report 2            
Following an exciting  Anatomy of Islands Symposium, design-research Workshop is focusing at the paths towards alternative, environmentally and culturally responsible tourism at concrete locations of the ancient island of Vis.

Seven student teams from Austria, Croatia, Japan and Slovenia, under the guidance of an interdisciplinary team of mentors from Keio University, Sophia University, Universities of Graz, Ljubljana, Maribor, Split, Tokyo and Vienna are seeking innovative combinations of the latest in environmentally and culturally tourism, as presented and debated at the Anatomy of the Islands Symposium, and radical, alternative architectural, urban, rural and territorial design. 

co+labo radović                    co+labo @ Anatomy of the Islands ... 4th time   ... report 1          
This September, co+labo radović and Kengo Kuma Laboratory for the fourth time jointly participate in the Anatomy of the Islands Symposium, which will be followed by an design-research Workshop. 

Keio team is even stronger, then before, with professors Yasue Mitsukura, Akira Mita and Hiroto Kobayashi (and his students) joining the event. For the first time, students from both Yagami and Shonan Fujisawa Campus will participate in the Anatomy of Islands Workshop.

co+labo radović  preparations for co+labo's late summer of overseas academic explorations
As regular co+labo participation at the Academy of the Islands Symposium and Workshop approaches, on 8 September 2015 Darko held a lecture within the Split - an Urbanistic Case for 21st Century.

The lecture was followed by passionate discussion and a couple of well-publicised interviews. The emphasis was on the key values guiding co+labo radović and the roles those values and our approaches to thinking and production of space could play in defining the future of the city of Split and similar jewels of urbanity, which are under the threat of banalisation through uncontrolled tourism and overdevelopment worldwide.
"Spektar" - weekend special of Slobodna Dalmacija.