11 April 2012

co+labo shortlisted

As reported in February, co+labo was invited to take part in an exciting design competition for NEXT GENERATION SUSTAINABLE HOUSE in Taiki-cho, Hokkaido - along with nine other selected top schools of architecture (Tshingua University, China Academy of Art, Columbia University, MIT, AA School of Architecture, Aalto University,  Technische Universität München, Politecnico di Milano, ETH Zürich, Universitetet i Oslo, Tohoku University and - Keio/co+labo)

The results of the first phase of the competition have been released, and three works for second and decisive phase have been selected:
  • Aalto University,  Finland ( the Five Three House project, Professor Kimmo Lylykangas
  • ETH, Switzerland (the Transient Boundary project, Professor Arno Schlueter)
  • Keio University, co+labo (the Barn project, Professor Darko Radović) 
co+labo student competition team:
         Millica Muminović 
         Komatsu Katsuhiko 
         Hashida Wataru
         Shinohara Masato 
         Kato Yoshiaki
         Sasamura Yoshihiro

The second phase of judging will be open to public, held 27 April 2012 1.30-5.30 p.m. at the United Nations University in Aoyama, Tokyo. 
You can find more information and images (in Japanese language) at the KENCHIKU www site.

You can register your attendance at the final presentation and session of the Jury at United Nations University at http://www.kenchiku.co.jp/event/detail.php?id=3436.