09 June 2019

co+labo radović   Oris Magazine published an extensive interview with Darko, on co+labo etc.
A new issue (No. 119) of the prominent European bimonthly and bilingual architectural magazine Oris, published in Zagreb, Croatia since 1998, brings an extensive interview with Darko Radović. Under the title Encounters With Diversities, the interview, which was conducted by architectural historian Maroje Mrduljaš (University of Zagreb) and Professor Tadej Glažar (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), covers a broad range of themes from Darko's professional and academic career in Europe, Australia and Asia - which justifies the title of the piece. The significant part of the interview, which was conducted after Darko's lecture and Davisi Boontharm's exhibition at the Oris House of Architecture, dealt with activities of and around co+labo radović, their active base since 2009. Besides Darko's discussion with Maroje and Tadej, it is worth checking the well-known quality of Oris, and it's well-deserved fame of the European ... shineknchiku.