18 November 2015

co+labo radović    co+labo hosts Politecnico di Milano Professors Grecchi and Imperadori   
On Tuesday 24 November co+labo is organising the third and final in the series of  international guest lectures within our Theory of Architecture and Urban Design programme in 2015. Professors Manuela Grecchi and Marco Imperadori, the Vice Rector and the Rector's Representative for East and South East Asia at Politecnico di Milano. Marco Imperadori's laboratory and co+labo have started collaboration, which led to Strategic Partnership between our two universities in the fields relate to production of space.
Besides delivering this double lecture about PoliMi's important experiments with sustainable campus, and design innovations at the recently concluded EXPO2015 in Milano, Professors Grecchi and Imperadori will engage in discussions with Darko Radović and several other members of Smart Communities research cluster at Keio, in preparation for the forthcoming visit of our team to Politecnico.

co+labo radović intense co+labo November continues: Bologna+Nicosia+izakaya:snaps 7,8 
The visit from University of Cyprus brought to co+labo a very interesting lecture by professors Maria Hajosoteriou and Angela Kyracou-Petrou, and a series of site collaborative visits and discussions between co+labo students and their colleagues from Nicosia.Particularly intense was Tuesday. The day started by co+labo'Sano Satoshi's presentation of the recent projects from Eureka

Maria Hajosoteriou and Angela Petrou presented their research and research-led teaching, which focuses at mapping and ideas about alternative, better and (un)likely futures for some extremely complex - rich and beautiful, but at the same time intense and sad - urban situations in Cyprus.

Joint teams visited some of the co+labo research sites, exploring together places as diverse as Kichijoji, Musashi Kosugi, Jiyugaoka, Kitajukken Gawa, Kikuzaka, Isezakicho, and discussing those diverse urbanities of Tokyo there, on the sites ...

... and taking discussions to izakayas ...

and then back to co+labo and Keio's Yagami Camus:

... ending with discussions about future collaboration between Keio, co+laboradović and University of Cyprus, Nicosia and - a group photo.

15 November 2015

co+labo radović Our BIMpact on the FutureSimone Garagnani's second lecture at co+labo
On Thursday 19 November, Simone Garagnani, Keio Top Global University scholar from the University of Bologna, a co+labo guest in 2015, will deliver his second lecture - Our BIMpact of the Future
Please come to this lecture and join the question time, which will focus at crucial dimensions of our current and future collaboration in the field of of capturing complex experiential spatial phenomena.

co+labo radović         another Theories of Architecture lecture in organisation of co+labo      

On Tuesday 17 November co+labo is organising a third in the series of Theory of Architecture and Urban Design guest lectures in 2015. This Tuesday, the guests are going to be Angela Kyriacou-Petrou and Maria Hajisoteriou from the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. If you are not far from Yagami Campus on Tuesday, please join us at this lecture. 
Maria and Angela are bringing along a group of their students, who will be over the next three days be working with co+labo on discovering and better understanding of some of the subtlest dimension of urban quality in some parts of Tokyo which are at our focus in 2015/16.    

co+labo radović    intense November: Gehl's+Bologna+Beirut@Keio+everything: snaps 4,5,6 
November and December co+labo pitch continues. On 12.11, an inspirational Luisa Bravo's lecture which brought forward often neglected political dimensions of the urban on which co+labo keenly insists,  was followed by research presentations of co+labo associates (Jessica Pineda, UNU), PhD (Paula Jaen, Vedrana Ikalović and Marco Capitanio) and Masters students Roxane Czarnobroda and Tomotake Miyagaki) and rich discussion.

On Wednesday, Simone Garagnani and Luisa Bravo have been taken to the sites of some of co+labo research projects - Kitajukken (Simone, Luisa, Sato, Vedrana, Ito, Yamaguchi-san/Mitsukura Lab) ..

... and Kikuzaka (Simone, Luisa, Davisi, Darko, Vedrana, Marco, Sato, Ito, Vitor, Yamaguchi-san) ...