23 June 2019

co+labo radović      co+labo Darko at Up-Close and Liveable Conference in Amsterdam     
Invited by the City of Amsterdam, Darko had an opportunity to speak at Up-Close and Liveable Conference, which was part of a much larger annual event We Make the City Festival (17-23 June 2019). These events bring together huge number of participants in the processes of thinking, making and living that amazing city of Amsterdam, along with several invited international speakers. 
Darko's main contribution was to the sessions Access to Housing - focusing at (re)development strategies for new and existing neighbourhoods, and the vibrant City Index discussion, which addressed both the excitement and dilemmas associated with application of such tools in city planning. But, the most interesting and inspirational part of the Festival was in a variety of interactions between  participants from all walks of life provided by this truly public forum which was exploring what matters in (urban) life - a set of co+labo themes par excellence.