03 April 2014

co+laboradović        New books produced by research project Measuring the non-Measurable. Mn'M is coordinated from co+labo 
Three new Mn'M titles
were published by flickStudio, and are soon going to be available directly from the publisher and at amazon.co.jp , along with five previous titles from the Mn'M series (see direct links below). 

Full list of Mn'M books:
Measuring the non-Measurable: Public-Private InterfaceMn’M edition Tokyo: flick Studio and IKI (Darko Radović; forthcoming)
In the Search of Urban Quality: 100 maps of Kuhonbutsygawa Street, JiyugaokaMn’M edition Tokyo: flick Studio and IKI (Darko Radović with Daviis Boontharm)
Future Urban IntensitiesMn’M edition Tokyo: flick Studio and IKI (ed. Satsohi Honda)
Subjectivities in Investigation of the Urban: the Sream, the Shawor and the MirrorMn’M edition Tokyo: flick Studio and IKI (Darko Radović)
Post-Souvenir City: Mediterranean Urban Intensity and New Tourism Practices in AlicanteMn’M edition Tokyo: flick Studio and IKI (Almazan)
Tokyo dérive: In Search of Urban Intensities, Mn’M edition Tokyo: flick Studio and IKI (ed. Darko Radović)
Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore: Intensities, Reuse and Creative MilieuMn’M edition Tokyo: flick Studio and IKI (Davisi Boontharm)
Intensities in Ten CitiesMn’M edition Tokyo: flick Studio and IKI (ed. Darko Radović)
The Split Case: density, intensity, resilience, Mn’M edition Tokyo: flick Studio and IKI (ed. Darko Radović, Kengo Kuma, Davisi Boontharm, Ana Grgić)
small TokyoMn’M edition Tokyo: flick Studio and IKI (ed., with Davisi Boontharm)
PhD Research Seminar at co+laboradović 
On 2 April co+labo PhD research seminars have started with presentations and discussions of four current PhD research projects - Pega Sanoamuang (co+labo), Alice Covatta (co+labo and Università degli Studi, Udine), Ilze Paklone (University of Tokyo, Nishimura Lab) and Rafael Balboa (University of Tokyo, Kuma Lab).

30 March 2014

co+laboradović        BUSY MARCH 2 - the beginning of collaboration with Gehl Architects 
the key meetings during the Measuring the non-Measurable - Mn'M tour were conducted at the Gehl Architects office in Copenhagen. Long discussions, conducted over the last several years in Tokyo and Copenhagen were crowned by an agreement to start an active collaboration and open the project Quality of open urban spaces in East and South East Asia. The work of  GehlLaboRadović will be coordinated from the Gehl Architects, Copenhagen and co+laboradović, Tokyo offices.

from discussions in Copenhagen
Gehl Archietcts team: Jan Gehl, Helle Søholt, David Sim, Vannesa Ahuactzin, Birgitte Bundesen Svarre Ewa Westermark
co+labo team: Darko Radović, Davisi Boontharm
co+laboradović        BUSY MARCH 1 - Barcelona, Florence, Belgrade, London, Vienna ... 
March was the period for concluding meetings with core-team members of the major research project Measuring the non-Measurable Mn'M, which was coordinated from co+labo radović in the period 2011-14, and setting the agendas for various follow-up projects and initiatives. co+labo's Darko Radović and Davisi Boontharm conducted a number of discussions and video-recordings, gave research seminars and lectures in the European Mn'M case-study cities of Barcelona, Belgrade, Copenhagen and Florence, and confirmed a number of collaborative activities with key co+labo partners. Here are the mementos from some of those events.

+Barcelona: Alex Ivancic (Aiguasol Enginyeria and Mn'M), Miguel Roldan (BAC and R+B), Judit Carrera (CCCB), Oriol Clos (City of Lille and Mn'M), Ālvaro Nicolás-Loscos and Pilar Conesa (anteverdi + Smart City Congress), César Reyes Nájera and Ethel Baraona Pohl (dpr-barcelona), Miguel Lacasta and Marc Chalamanch (archikubik and Universitat Internasional de Catalunya), Benedetta Tagliabue (EMBT) ...

+Florence: Raffaele Paloscia (Università degli Studi di Firenze, DIDA, Mn'M), Francesco Alberti and Jacopo Zettin (Università degli Studi di Firenze, DIDA), Giovanni Rufini and the team (MHC Società cooperative and DIDA), Marco Sala (Università degli Studi di Firenze, DIDA)

+Belgrade: Zoran Djukanović and Jelena Živković (Univerzitet u Beogradu, AF and PAPS), Vuk Djurović, Zoran Rubinjoni and the team (CEP)
+London: Vuk Radović (PLP Architects and co+labo), Simos Yannas (AA Architectural Association), John Worthington (The Academy of Urbanism)
+Vienna: Susan Kraupp (TU Graz and SK Statdtplanung, Vienna)