08 April 2015

co+labo radović   co+labo hanami  - another flowery start of another school year   花見 2015

co+labo radović       co+labo visit to Keio co-evolution Sustainable House at SFC Campus     
On 7 April, first day of the new school year, a group of co+labo radović students visited Keio experimental co-ecolution sustainable house at the Shonan Fujisawa Camous. The visit was guided and the project explained by co-authors and chief researchers of the co-evolution House, Professor Ikeda Yaushi and Ikaga  Toshiharu. 
The visit was organised for Professor Gabriele Masera, our guest from Politecnico di Milano, who is spending one semester as EM-EASED Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology and co+labo. During April 2015, besides conducting his own research, Professor Masera will be involved in our studio and lecture programmes, and work on furthering already strong collaborative links between Architecture and Urban Design programmes at PoliMi and Keio.  

co+labo radović          new co+labo graduates      
In February 2015, seven co+labo students have graduated - Tsuji Soyoka, Maruyama Hiroo, Miyagaki Tomotake, Onda Kazuhiro and Suzuki Akitaka completing undergraduate studies, and Kozono Saki and Sasamura Yoshihiro obtaining their Masters Degrees.