31 March 2018

co+labo radović   with a farewell party for our graduates, co+labo ends 2017 and enters 2018  
As perviously reported at this blog, in the school year 2017-18 five co+labo students completed their Masters Theses and will, from the start of April, be pursuing their professional careers. Younger co+labo students have organised a traditional farewell party for their sempai, which this time coincided with hanami, a beautiful cherry-blossom viewing season.
Best co+labo wishes to Riho Tanaka, Ryoto Amano, Shota Kusano, Akitaka Suzuki and Hisamu Yamamori! They all gave their best, an excellent contribution to the culture of our laboratory and, most recently, to our efforts towards the establishment of Keio Architecture - an ambitious plan with which we enter the school year 2018-19. 
In those efforts the latest, 2017-18 cohort of our graduates will stay with us, as ... once co+labo, always co+labo.