05 April 2018

co+labo radović    Professor Vladimir Lojanica opens 2018 guest lecture series @ co+labo   
The first invited guest lecturer in the new school year at co+labo is Vladimir Lojanica, a distinguished practising architect, Professor and Head of Department of Architecture at the University of Belgrade. The lecture and research seminar were illustrated by the latest of Vladimir's projects, Rajićeva shopping centre located at the very urban core of Belgrade. While fulfilling all the commercial requirements, the project does not succumb to commercialism. With fine urbanist sensibility, the Complex celebrates and enhances an extremely complex location, one of the key hubs of rich public life in the city.

co+labo radović               another competition award for a co+labo student team                   
Close to the end of the 2017-18 graduate design competitions season  we are glad to inform about another award which a co+labo team. The team was composed of three students from three generations - second and first Masters and final year undergraduate studies - Yamamori Hisamu (now working for Shimizu Corporation), Kobayashi Daisuke and Samejima Takuomi received recognition at the Circos International Architecture Competition held in Nagoya. 
Warm co+labo congratulations for both the collaborative way in which the work has been conducted and the award itself!
(below: panels by Samejima/left, Kobayashi/right and Samejima's presentation to the Jury/middle)