26 December 2015

co+labo radović         a successful completion of the  Keio-PoliMi Symposium in Milano       
A joint Symposium, Workshop and small, focused group meetings related to the future of growing collaboration between Keio and Politecnico di Milano in the fields of architecture and urbanism, which started with an initiative od Professors Marco Imperadori and Darko Radović were a great success. Inspirational Smart Communities Symposium has presented immense resources and potential for collaboration in the fields associated with production of space at two universities and, above all, made obvious that the time for intensification and diversification of collaboration has come. Professor Giovanni Azzone, the Rector of Politecnico di Milano, opened the main day of the event by announcing the commitment to strategic partnership between two universities in the fields of architecture and urbanism. It was great to see the initiative which started at co+labo evolve into the potentially university-wide project.
Since 2009, co+labo was at the forefront of the struggle to make architecture and urban design at Keio, the oldest university in Japan, strong and truly international. We made our ambitious aims known at La Biennale di Achittetura in Venice in 2010, when Keio Professors Radović, Sejima and Kobayashi joined forces to establish IKI - International Keio Institute for Architecture and Urbanism. IKI was, and it remains (at) the heart of co+labo ... or the other way round.

8. 2010: Hitoshi Abe (UCLA), Yaishi Ikeda (Keio), Wang Shi (Academy of Art, Hangzhou), Heinrich Wolf (NoeroWolf, Sth Africa), Shun Kanda (MIT), Kazuyo 
Sejima (IKI, Design Director), Hiroto Kobayashi (IKI Managing Director) and Darko Radović (IKI International Director) at the IKI Symposium in Venice.
With IKI at heart, we have staged numerous numerous international research, educational and design-research workshops, fieldworks, Symposia and Conferences, hosted major research project Measuring the non-Measurable - Mn'M and did our best to contribute to better thinking and making good architecture and urbanism worldwide, in Asia, Australia and Europe. With truly top-global strategic partners such as Politecnico di Milano, the time to turn that dream into reality has come.