06 May 2014

co+laboradović        co+labo invites you to visit Spring Urban Research Pavilion In the Search of Urban Quality in Jiyugaoka (23-25 May 2014) and take part in Thinking, Making and Living Public Space ... towards 2O2O Symposium at Keio Hiyoshi Campus (25 May) 
As announced in our previous blog entries, co+labo radović has started active collaboration with Urban Quality Consultants Gehl Architects from Copenhagen, focusing at better understanding and improving of the quality of open urban spaces in East and South East Asia. 
GehLaboRadović will be formally announced during the Spring Urban Research Pavilion - In the Search of Urban Quality, to be held at our regular data-collection site in Kuhonbutsugawa Ryokudo, in Jiyugaoka (23-25 May 2014), and introduced at the Thinking, Making and Living Public Space … towards Tokyo 2O2O Symposium at the Keio Hiyoshi Campus (24 May 2014). The event will also launch the latest book of Measuring the non-Measurable series - In the Search of Urban Quality: 100 maps of Kuhonbutsugawa Street, Jiyugaoka (Radović, Boontharm; flickStudio).
The main Urban Research Pavilion pavilion activities will include further co+labo investigations of the remarkable promenade and adjoining spaces in Jiyugaoka, with involvement of David Sim (Gehl, Copenhagen) and Mitsukura Yasue (EEG expert, Keio University).
The Symposium will include the participants from academia + practice + local stake-holders + industry involved in production of high-quality open urban spaces: co+labo radović + GehLaboRadović + Keio University + Kengo Kuma + University of Tokyo + Jiyugaoka machi zukkuri  + J-Spirit + Meguro-ku + Setagaya-ku planners + LIXIL Foundation + guests.