09 December 2015

co+labo radović     Smart Communities @ Politecnico di Milano, co-organised by co+labo    
In the period 15-19.12, Politecnico di Milano and Keio University will conduct a joint Symposium, Workshop and small, focused group meetings related to the future of our growing collaboration in the fields of architecture and urbanism. 
The forthcoming Smart Communities Symposium will build upon concentrated efforts by Professors Marco Imperadori and Darko Radović, which started from idealistic, brave ideas about the best possible ways for two universities to collaborate and advance the fields of architecture and urban design. Over the years, Politecnico and Keio established fruitful exchange of students and staff, flow of guest lectures, and started Double Degree programme in those fields
By hosting professors Imperadori, Masera, Grecchi at Keio, receiving Politecnico exchange students, Colistra, Spallina and Nastasi and sending our own best, Sasamura and Suzuki, co+labo was central to those efforts. 
In 2015, professors Davisi Boontharm and Darko Radović visited PoliMi, to make sure that two institutions are ready to advance to the next level, research collaboration within the Top Global University Smart Communities initiative. 
All that, combined with enthusiasm of the colleagues and Politecnico, made the December 2015 Smart Communities Symposium Symposium, Workshop and the rest possible. 
At this blog, we will keep you updated about  our afforest to make thinking about Smart Cities - smarter.