12 October 2017

co+labo radović   co+labo's Bruno Taut exhibition+symposium hosted by XJTLU, Suzhou    

After Venice (Istituto Universitario di Architettura, IUAV 9.2016) and Tokyo (Keio, 4.2017), co+labo's exhibition Bruno Taut's Hyuga villa in Atami, Japan is now in beautiful Suzhou, as an inaugurating event in the Xian's Jiaotong Liverpool University - XJTLU attractive exhibition space (left). The exhibition will be open in the period 17 October - 3 November 2017. 
As on the previous two occasions, the Taut exhibition was accompanied by the West of Japan-East of Europe Symposium. The Symposium included the opening address by Pierre-Alain Crosset, Head of Architecture at XJTLU, and presentations by Paolo Scrivano of XTJLU, Marco Capitanio, co+labo PhD candidate, the initiator and spiritus movens behind the project, co+labo's Darko Radović, Dave Clough, photographer whose work is central to the exhibition, and Puay-peng Ho, Head of Architecture at National University of Singapore. Kengo Kuma, Professor of Architecture at University of Tokyo was also there - virtually, through conversation with Marco and Darko which was recorded in his office last year.
This exhibition and symposium move from one venue to the other, but the contents never get fully repeated. Following the co+labo way, encapsulated in the sign + in our logo, the West of Japan, East of Europe events evolve, perpetually getting richer by selected traces of the previous event on, by making as much as possible from every location in which they take place, and communicate that, new, additional,  + quality to the next occasion. The collateral benefits of this event are numerous. The most recent was recognition by the Royal Institute of British Architects, which will include one of Marco’s photos and a drawing by Marco in the 21st edition of famous  Fletcher’s World History of Architecture.
The next incarnation of this event is scheduled for Italy, where it is going to be hosted by our strategic partners, Politecnico di Milano.  
(a strip of slides from Darko's presentation)