05 November 2019

co+labo radović    co+labo's Yumi Ishii - invited artist@Smart Illumination Yokohama 2O19  
The winner of 2018 Smart Illumination Competition in Yokohama, Yumi Ishii was invited to exhibit her new work at Smart Illumination Events 2018 - this time in the capacity of Invited Artist. Ishii-san explains how the competition and exhibition were conceptualised in response to the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, with an aim to "increase awareness about the importance of sustainable environmental technologies in urban spaces." When invited, she proposed a work called "Pain × Art, an research-driven installation which explores multi sensorial experiences of space. Her"pond-like space" gently shines ultraviolet rays generated by stored solar energy and invites visitors to step in barefooted, and experience pleasant sensations. Her work was recognised a "a new night-cap that uses existing renewable sources of energy". Warm co+labo congratulations to Ishii-san, an System Design Engineering student who became an invited Artist!