31 January 2021


 a big co+labo@Keio finale-with final Diploma, Masters and PhD defences  

 PhD Theses 2O2O by Satoshi Sano (details on the poster, above left) and Ivan Filipović (details above, right).

co+labo 2O2O Masters Theses were Shinichi Nishibori's "Spatial analysis of the links between between everyday lives and urban canals, a case study of Chuo Ward, Tokyo" (part of the analysis presented up, left), Jumpei Kawamoto's investigation of "The relationships between spatial composition or railway stations and everyday life, a case study of Yamanote Line (up, right); Yukie Takasu's "Cultural contextualisation test of public space algorithm, critical analysis of its application in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo (below, left); Hiroki Shigemura's research of "Human scale, the quality of experience and pedestrian activities in the streets of Ginza" (below, middle); and Amami Iwata's work on "Architectural design of light and its relationship with experience and use of Catholic churches in central Tokyo" (below right). 

+labo 2O2O Graduate Theses were Yurino Oguri's "'Eyes on the street' and the sense of security, a case study of Tsukishima, Tokyo" (a sample illustration of delayering analysis below, left) and Reiya Sasaki's "Programmatic and spatial integration of war-related sites in urban space, a case study of Tokyo" (a sample information sheet below, right).