31 July 2020

co+labo radović   co+labo students successful@the end of semester design presentations   
For architecture and urban design students Spring semester at Keio Yagami Campus is, to a large degree, dominated by design. In 2020, the significant difference in relation to the pervious years was brought about by the strict measures introduced at Keio in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. All of our teaching and learning activities, including undergraduate and graduate studios, were fully conducted online, pushing everyone involved, students, guest teachers and critics and staff outside their comfort zones and business as usual. And, the results turned out to be quite good.
Undergraduate Design Studios, which are traditionally conducted under the seizu III umbrella, produce informal design graduation projects (to be complemented in Autumn semester with System Design Research Theses). The participating students are entitled to enter annual SD Design Competition, which offers further, external competition opportunities. 
While seizu III assessment covers both the quality of the process (the learning curve of individual students), SD Competition looks exclusively at the quality of the product (design itself). The seizu III Jury consists of studio leaders, chaired by subject coordinator - professors Jorge Almazán, Tatsuya Kishimoto and Darko Radović.
SD Competition Jury consists of two Special Guests, assisted by Seizu III studio leaders. In 2020, Special SD Competition Jury Guests were Professor Davisi Boontharm (Meiji University, co+re) and Sano Satoshi (Eureka, Keio). 
Both co+labo students who took part in SD Copmetition 2O2O have been awarded:
     1st prize Oguri Yurino, for her project “Self-greening architecture: Living in a vertical Roji” (above), and 
     3rd prize Sasaki Reiya, for his “Living in the edge: Life of people oozing on the street” (below).
(The runner up was Okuyama Yukio of Almazán Lab, with her “暮らしにとりこむ Firewall” project).

This year there competition for Masters students has not been held, but in Masters Studio B 2O2O both co+labo's members received the highest marks - Iwata Amami (with her "Re:", above) and Mori Yuki (with "Productive Shirokane", below. They took part in the project which was taught by Keio Architecture's regular guest teachers, Kondo Tetsuo and Chiba Motoo. In 2020, the members of the Jury included Studio Leaders, architects Noemí Gómes Lobo and Yushi Uehara, and Keio professors Almazán, Kishimoto and Radović.