10 February 2019

co+labo radović  school year ends with Masters and Graduation Thesis defence sessions   
School year 2018-19 has ended with successful defence of all co+labo research theses - Masters: Mikogami Mayuko, Kobayashi Daisuke, Magome Ayumu and Keitaro Onishi (on the photo above), and System Design Engineering Graduation theses: Iwata Amami, Kawamoto Jumpei, Matsubara Motomi, Nishibori Shinichi and Shigemura Hiroki. The list of their research themes reflects the diversity of research interests pursued within co+labo at this moments:
Mikogami: "The Potential of War-Related Sites for Conservation, Adaptive Reuse and Requalification in Kanazawa"
KobayashiCinematic Methods of Capturing Urban Identity in Japanese Films (1948-2013) -A Case of Ginza, Tokyo"
Magome: "The Study of Food Stands in Public Spaces of Business Districts  - The Case Study Central Tokyo"
Onishi: "The Potential of Privately Owned Public Space for Public Interest in professional sports facilities in Japan"
Iwata: "Indoor-outdoor interaction in Japanese archery facilities  and its impact on the quality of training and experience"
Kawamoto: "The Sense of “Yama” and Evaluation of its Perception a case study of Atago, Shiba and Roppongi, Tokyo"
Matsubara: "The Integrated Analysis of Spatial Experience in Time Transition, a case of Reversible Destiny Lofts. Mitaka"
Nishibori: "Evaluation of Spatial Diversity of glass-façade stores - a case study of Kuhonbutsugawa Ryokudo, Jiyugaoka"
Shigemura: "Contemporary Small Residential Buildings with Additional Function in Tokyo: layout, sequences, perception".
In co+labodiversity matters. One of the key aims of education in the laboratory is to help students discover their own architectural/urbanist selves, through investigation of the themes and ways they feel comfortable and excited with. This school year was very successful in that regards. Sincere co+labo congratulations to all who have successfully completed and defended their works. Special co+labo congratulations go to Magome Ayumu, whose Masters Thesis defence made him the second Double Degree Keio-Politecnico di Milano graduate.  Congratulazioni, Mago!
Image below: 
Daiskue Kobayashi's fascinating synthesis map of cinematic representations of urban character of Ginza (1948-2013)