06 November 2015

co+labo radović  special guest lecture by CitySpaceArchitecture's Luisa Bravo@co+labo                                      
On 12 November co+labo is organising a special lecture by Luisa Bravo, an academic, Charter member and President of City Space Architecture, the non-profit cultural association from Bologna. As a multidisciplinary research platform, CSA involves more than one hundred affiliated members all over the world and - Darko is the Honorary Member.
Luisa also coordinates MaPS. Mastering Public Space, a collaborative research network on cities and urbanity, Pop-up City, a photography research project on instant urbanity and Urban Visions. Beyond the Ideal City, a cinematography competition for short films - all promoted and supported by City Space Architecture.

co+labo radović    co+labo organises Theories of Architetcure lecture by Simone Garagnani                                   
On Tuesday 10 November co+labo is organising a second the series of Theory of Architecture and Urban Design guest lectures in semester 2 2015. The guest will be Simone Garagnani, an academic from the University of Bologna who joins Keio and co+labo as one of the invited, Top Global University scholars. Professor Garagnani will spend two weeks at co+labo, working with Darko and co+labo research group at advancing current projects and designing opportunities for further research collaboration.
If you are not far from Yagami Campus on Tuesday, please join us in welcoming Simone and enjoy his first lecture at Keio.

co+labo radović     Asian Urban Ordinaries - Mn'M follow-up at Re-Do Conference in Århus   
In November 2013, Mn'MMeasuring the non-Measurable, the most ambitious research project hosted by co+labo so far, has ended with definition of several  follow-up research themes, to be followed and advanced by small groups of Mn'M members. One of those  Mn'M threads followed the theme of Asian Urban Ordinaries. Professor Davisi Boontharm, the coordinator of that group  and its core members (Darko Radović, Heide Imai, Milica Mimonović and Issarathumnoon Wimonrart) have presented the results of their work at Re-Do Conference On Sustainability and Culture’s Role in Sustainable Futures, organised (28.10 ‐ 31.10 2015) in Denmark by Århus University and Århus 2017.
The panel focused at urban places and practices of Tokyo and Bangkok, emphasising the importance of banal, everyday dimensions of urban life for definition multiple identities of those Asian urbanities. The presented papers, Requalification of urban bazar (Boontharm), Ordinary place identity (Muminović), Ordinary Spaces - taking back streets, alleys and other everyday niches (Imai), Ordinary spaces: reuse for creative activities (Issarathumnoon) and Places of/for stability in the times of flows and eddies (Radović) have attracted a sizeable audience and generated good discussion. The core team will work at the proposal for special issue of research magazine devoted to this interesting theme, to be edited by Davisi.
In response to some of the discussions at Re-Do, Darko focused and the necessity to define  and contextualise "new ordinary" and core issues of cultural sustainability - authenticity and identity. In order to set polemological atmosphere and, ala de Certeau, help "force theory to recognise its limits", he presented the perennial co+labo theme, the importance of ethics in work with/about/as the OtherThis post brings several slides from that impromptu presentation.

05 November 2015

co+labo radović            Anatomy of Islands exhibition, with co+labo works, in Paris              
Anatomy of Islands exhibition, which summarises the work produced for and during the first three Symposia and design-reserach Workshops (2012-14) at the Adriatic island of Vis , opens on 17 November in Paris, at the University Paris - Val de Seine. co+labo participated in this fascinating event since its beginning, advancing our research in quality of spatial experiences; alternative, culturally sustainable (tourism) development patterns and, most recently, Smart Islands, and contributing to thinking about the future of Vis, and other beautiful, endangered environments.
Over the years, co+labo was joined in Vis by Kengo Kuma Laboratory (University of Tokyo, which took part in all Anatomy Symposia and workshops conducted so far), Keio academics (Professors Mitsukura, Mita, Kobayashi), colleagues (Kazuyo Sejima, David Sim, Jose Puppim de Oliveira, Tetsuo Kondo) and others.
co+labo friends, f you happen to be in Paris anytime 17-27.11.2015 - visit our exhibition and let us know how was it.