21 July 2018

co+labo radović        an exciting, historic  sight at the entrance to Keio Hiyoshi Campus       
This morning, Friday 20 July 2018, for the first time in history of the oldest University in Japan, words KEIO ARCHITECTURE appeared at the entrance to one of the main Campuses - Hiyoshi. The tall banner announces a series of forthcoming events related to our Comprehensive Design Workshop, which will open the next stage in development of studies in the fields of production of space at Keio. Since 2010 co+labo plays the very central role in that process.
As outlined in the recently published Keio Architecture year-book 2016-17, critical contribution to the emergence of Keio Architecture was provided in 2010, by the establishment of an innovative, semi-formal institutional framework of IKI, International Keio Institute for Architecture and Urbanism. In August of that year, IKI, which was imagined and initiated by professors Darko Radović and Kazuyo Sejima (Yagami Campus) and Hiroto Kobayashi (Shonan Fujisawa Campus), was inaugurated in Venice, at Biennale Architettura. Since then, IKI served as a framework for numerous and diverse international research, teaching and design-research activities within broadly defined field of production of space,  involving academics and professionals from Keio and various other Japanese and international institutions of renown and global prestige. Further development of teaching and research in the fields of architecture and urban design at Keio demanded consolidation of the achieved quality and steps that would match both the reputation of Keio and its Top Global aspirations. The key step on that journey was the establishment of a broad framework - Keio Architecture. The launch of http://architecture.keio.ac.jp has announced the stream of activities - one of which comes to Hiyoshi Campus. 
Over the next several days, this blog will be bringing the snapshots from the key events at Hiyoshi Campus.