04 February 2012

THESIS 2O12 co+labo students

Masters Research Theses 
Shigeru Rakuman
The Flea Markets and Revitalization of Open Public Spaces in Tokyo


undergraduate Research Theses 
Ken Akatsuka
A Morphological Study of Small Irregularly Shaped Urban Spaces - Split and Tokyo

Shinnosuke Hoshikawa
A Study of Materiality - The Streetscape Analysis of Urban Core of Nezu

Yukari Nishide
A Study of Stationary Activities in Places of Intensive Flow – The Case of Yokohama Station

Yoshiaki Kato
A study of experience of nocturnal scenery in  central spaces of Tokyo

Kyosuke Kobayasahi
Composition and spatial context of children playgrounds in Minato-ku, Tokyo

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