12 July 2013

Mn’M in Tokyo - Jiyugaoka co+labo urban research pavilion  
in summer, autumn and winter of 2013, Kuhonbutsugawa Street in Jiyugaoka will be the site of investigations within the major research Mn’M project.  The work will be conducted in an urban research pavilion. The jury (Davisi Boontharm, Tetsuo Kondo, Ryoko Iwase, Sano Sano, Tamao Hashimoto, chaired by Darko Radovic) reviewed internal co+labo submissions  for  design of the summer pavilion, and awarded the first prize to co+labo undergraduate student Kira Horie. The pavilion will be erected on 19 July and the fieldwork conducted 20-23 July. 
If you are in Tokyo, please visit the co+labo +J urban research pavilion and contribute to our data collection.

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