17 June 2014

co+laboradović   co+labo Urban Research ... cupboard becomes the World cup+board 
Following the success of co+labo radović research pavilion in Jiyugaoka (see posts below), we were invited to join the Football World Cup Festival organised by the Embassy of Brazil in Tokyo and set up our modest cupboard within the Embassy Pavilion, designed for this occasion by Shigeru Ban Architects
The co+labo cupboard, thus, became co+laboworldcup+board, a place for collecting opinions of the visitors about the transformative capacity of global sports events, especially when it comes to quality of open public spaces. Data collection will be conducted by co+labo radović from 3 July 2014. Besides World Cup 2014 and Rio Olympics 2016, we will be interested in the potential of the forthcoming Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 to advance quality of life in this, biggest city in the world.
If you are in Tokyo, please visit the Embassy Pavilion, enjoy the World Cup at that piece of Brazil in Japan and help our research by giving us your opinion and ideas about those themes.
Below - the arrival of our black box, soon to unfold as the co+laboworldcup+board, to the Embassy of Brazil, early morning 15 June.

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