16 June 2015

co+labo radovićUniCanberra@co+labo urban research workshop started
A welcome party, introductory lectures, formation of international dérive groups, and first drifts into the urban fabric of Tokyo have started on Tuesday, 16 June, with co+labo students taking the guests to the locations which they are investigating within our various ongoing projects. Regular updates of those activities, seen through the eyes of Milica's students from the University of Canberra, can be found here +.

Snapshot 1 - the atmosphere at the welcome party in Hiyoshi
Snapshot 2 - several slides form Darko's introductory lecture
and some of his key-words and names: dérive, Guy Debord, Situationist InternationalTokyo, co+laboMeasuring the non-Mesurable,  Maurice Merleau-Ponty, chiasma, five senses (or more, Michel Serres), Being Singular Plural, Jean-Luc Nancy ... in the search of urban quality ... "go out and co+laborate!"