26 July 2016

co+laboradović farewell to international co+labo members completing their projects with us
At the end of the semester, we had to say good bye to a group of co+labo international members, who have made our laboratory richer and better. 
Dr Jessica Pineda Zumaran, the United Nations University Post Doctoral Fellow, was a co+labo member since 2014. She conducted excellent research in the field of livable cities and provided a substantial inputs to all laboratory projects, in particular in training our undergraduate and Masters research students. Jessica has accepted a Ray Pahl Research Fellowship in Urban Studies at the University of Chile and Catholic University of Chile (COES), in Santiago de Chile. co+labo and Jessica will continue what we have started and hope to further extend our collaboration.
Roxane Czarnobroda, who joined us from L'Ècole Normale de Lille, has successfully completed her Double Masters Degree, spanning the gap between her original, engineering background and our urban design themes.  
Our other French member, Adam Masset, after spending a year as an exchange student at co+labo, returns to ULB, La Chambre-Horta in Bruxelles, as will Enrico Sterle and Nicoló Panzeri, will complete their studies at yje SBC Programme of our strategic partner, Politecnico di Milano.
Visiting fellows and exchange students add quality and provide a critical nuance to the very special atmosphere of co+labo, promoting, in more than one way, our "philosophy" of inclusion, our +. Having spent time with us at Keio, they forever stay co+labo members.
Departures are always sad, but  - at the start of the new semester new group of international students will be joining the laboratory. More about that - soon.

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