08 December 2017

co+labo radović   exhibition West of Japan, East of Europe opened@Politecnico di Milano   
After Venice (Istituto Universitario di ArchitetturaIUAV 9. 2016), Tokyo (Keio, 4.2017) and Suzhou (Xian Jiaotong Liverpool University, 10, 2017), co+labo's exhibition West of Japan, East of Europe - Bruno Taut's Hyuga Villa in Atami will be presented at Politecnico di Milano's Leonardo da Vinci Campus (13.12.2017 - 12.1.2018)The exhibition was opened by Professors Ilaria Valente, Dean of Architecture at PoliMi, and Marco Imperadori, Rector's Representative for the Far East. 
Marco Capitanio, co+labo's PhD student, who initiated and curates all of our Taut exhibitions, and the photographer Dave Clough whose excellent work creates the overall ambiance introduced the event, with a number of colleagues, former and current co+labo exchange and double degree students currently in Milano attended the opening (see photo to the left)+a surprise visitor, Sejima Kazuyo (please wait; this post will be updated with pictures from the opening soon).

Politecnico and Keio are strategic partners in the fields of production of space, and that makes this incarnation of our take at Taut and his work very special for us. Each time our exhibition moves to the new location, in the spirit of co+labo's +, it gets richer than it was at the previous site. To Milano, our Taut pulls selected traces of the previous events and added objects, drawings and facsimiles produced and presented by co+labo.
Later in 2018 this event will move on, to the North (more about that - soon.) 

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